Top Ten Reasons People Hire Narrow Gauge For Their Colorado/Wyoming Wedding

1. Narrow Gauge Has Talent: The guys in the band are all top level pro’s who have been playing and singing for years! We are very good at what we do. You don’t get the opportunity to perform for the President of the USA or country stars like Larry Gatlin if you aren’t at the top of your field.

2. We know that it’s YOUR party! We have a strict no alcohol policy, and no one in the band uses drugs! So, even though your guests may end up drinking a little too much, we won’t be drinking at all. Some bands think that your event is their party and end up drinking more than your guests. By the end of the night, they can’t play very well. That never happens with Narrow Gauge.

3. We are Good, but You Can Afford Us! We have several different packages to choose from that will surely fit your budget.

4. Variety: Narrow Gauge is a country – rock dance band. We pride ourselves on being able to play anything from Alan Jackson to ZZ top or AC/DC to Willie Nelson and everything in-between. We also perform hits from the 90’s, blues, funk and anything that will get the crowd dancing.

5. We’re a Live band AND a DJ! We travel with a full DJ set up. This means that we can play the latest club hits or anything the crowd wants during our breaks. You get the best of both worlds: Phenomenal live music and a DJ mix! You can even prepare the DJ list so that our breaks are filled with the music you know your friends and family will love.

6. Experience: Since 2001 we have performed over 500 shows all over the USA! We know how to get a room full of people dancing and get the party started. Sometimes, the songs chosen by our clients don’t get people onto the dance floor. In that case, we change things up, and find out what they want to dance to. We are never locked into doing things one way. We pride ourselves on being able to figure out the crowd and then keep then on the dance floor all night long!

7. We are Not Rock Stars…and we don’t have their attitude! We are very easy to work with and are committed to making your event everything you imagined it would be. We allow our guests to join the band onstage for a song or three to help out with singing. Other bands won’t allow this because the non-professionals (your guests) will make them look bad! While often your guests are not as good of singers as they think they are, it is always fun when they join us!

8. We keep our Commitments: If you hire Narrow Gauge, we will be there. Period. We have driven through blizzards to get to more than one wedding. Other bands might cancel in severe weather, but not us. We have had more than one client frantically call us weeks before their wedding to tell us their other band cancelled on them. Again, this will never happen with Narrow Gauge. Everyone in the band has daughters. We know how important a wedding is to any family. We will never cancel at the last minute. We even have top-quality, professional fill-in’s on the rare occasion we need them.

9. Quality Equipment: We perform with only the best, top-quality, professional gear. Clients often don’t realize how important this is to the overall performance, but it is often the critical component that other bands leave out. On any given night, Narrow Gauge will have over $25,000 worth of equipment on stage. We spare no expense in order to bring the best sound for your event

10. It’s All About You: When you hire Narrow Gauge, we consider it an honor and a privilege to serve you! When we arrive at your event, that will be our sole focus. We are committed to doing everything possible to make your event happen the way you wanted it. When problems or glitches show up (and they always do) we work with your other professionals to make sure you never even know about it. Other bands, only come to play music. We come to create memories!

If you are looking for a Colorado country band for your wedding reception, consider Narrow Gauge.

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